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File:RobertineBarry.jpg|thumb|Robertine Barry. File:Federation nationale Saint-Jean-Baptiste 1907.jpg|thumb|Robertine Barry was a member of the first presidential board, of the Fédération nationale Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montréal, 1907. '''Robertine Barry''' (26 February 1863 – 7 January 1910), pseudonym Françoise, was an early French Canadian journalist and publisher and a popular member of Montreal society. Her father was John Edmund Barry, Esquire, a native of Ireland, and her mother was French Canadian. She was born at Les Escoumins, Quebec|Les Escoumins, Province of Canada. She was educated at the Ursuline Convent, Quebec. She joined the editorial staff of La Patrie and wrote for other journals. She wrote "Fleurs Champetres" (1895) and "Les Chroniques du Lundi" (1900). She was sent to the Paris Exposition in 1902 by the Dominion Government in an official capacity.Morgan, Henry James Types of Canadian women and of...
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